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This Privacy Policy for the use of the website and its sub-pages describes how the owner of the website, Chain Crisis, collects, uses, processes, shares, and stores personal information, including private and sensitive information, of users and visitors.

By using and accessing the website, you agree to the terms of this Privacy Policy and the Terms of Use found in If you do not agree to this Privacy Policy and/or the Terms of Use, please discontinue your use and access of the website.


This website is operated from Singapore and is subject to Singapore law. Should the applicable law of your jurisdiction prevent you from accessing this website, please discontinue your use for the meantime and contact us about your concern.

For visitors accessing the site from the territory of the European Union or if EU laws and rules apply to your access or use of this website, please be informed that your access is subject to the General Data Protection Regulation.


Chain Crisis collects the following information from you:

1. Identification including your first and last name which you provide;

2. Email address that you voluntarily provide;

3. Website usage information including the date, time, and place from where you accessed the website;

4. Your IP address;

5. Conversations with through the chat box;

6. Profile and feedback voluntarily submitted by you; and

7. Responses you voluntarily send in response to questions found in the website;

8. IP address;

9. Device type;

10. Internet browser;

11. Operating system;

12. Time spent;

13. Frequency of visits;

14. Location;

15. Type of connection;

16. Use of virtual private networks; and

17. Other information relevant to improving the website and improving marketing efforts of Chain Crisis.

Chain Crisis may also source information from you through third party data collectors such as social media (e.g. Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Telegram) from which you gained access to the website provided that you have agreed with the third-party data collector for the sharing of that information to third parties such as Chain Crisis. If you wish to opt-out of this, do not use third parties to access Chain Crisis. You may also review the privacy policies of these third parties to prevent them from sharing your information to Chain Crisis.


Chain Crisis collects data volunteered by you as well as information automatically gathered as a result of your usage.

Chain Crisis employs cookies or its equivalent to gather the above information. You are free to disable the use of cookies but your user experience with the website shall also be restricted from pages and functions requiring information sourced from cookies.

The above information and data is stored in Chain Crisis cloud and/or physical servers which may or may not be located in Singapore.


Chain Crisis will use the information gathered from this website and from other sources in the following ways:

1. Identify leads;

2. To contact you;

3. Streamline marketing efforts;

4. Create products for sale to you and other clients;

5. To comply with law and legal processes;

6. To improve the user experience of the website and Chain Crisis’s products; and

7. For compliance requirements.


As a general rule, your information is for Chain Crisis’s own use only. As an exception, Chain Crisis will share the information it stores for the following purposes:

1. For sharing to our affiliates, subsidiaries, and parents under the same terms of this Privacy Policy;

2. In case of corporate succession such as when Chain Crisis is sold, dissolved, merged, or re-organized;

3. For data analysis purposes of usage statistics under anonymous circumstances;

4. To government authorities under lawful processes;

5. In case of emergencies which outweigh the right to data privacy;

6. Disclosing information to private legal and accounting professionals; and

7. Other purposes for which you have authorized Chain Crisis to share your information.


Chain Crisis intends to store data indefinitely unless no longer required by the nature of its business.


Chain Crisis takes and will take reasonable measures to protect your information from unauthorized use and access. Only departments requiring the use of your information will be allowed access to the data. In the case of a data breach, you and the relevant government agencies will be informed of such breach and of remedial measures taken.


You may opt-out at any time from this Privacy Policy by discontinuing your use and access to the website. You may also choose to have information gathered on you to be deleted by sending an email to

If your jurisdiction provides you with other courses of action with regard to your information stored by Chain Crisis, please contact to tell us about your request.


This Privacy Policy may be changed at any time for any reason. Your use of the website means that you have read the latest version of the Privacy Policy and agree to its terms.