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High-Tech. Low-Life. On-Chain.

Chain Crisis is a Cyberpunk MMORPG on the Solana blockchain. Set in the year 2088, players in the game band together to defeat difficult enemies.


pay to play AND earn / metaverse

The P2PAE model enables players to cooperatively play a game with in-game currency and loot that is backed by real economic value. Buy, sell, and trade in-game assets with ease and convenience while diving into an immersive gaming environment where like-minded players can share common interests and enjoy the world of on-chain gaming.


Game Economics

customize. combat. claim.

Chain Crisis utilizes both a game loop and a two-token model to balance the creation and utilization of value within the game. With proper mint and burn mechanisms in place, we are able to maximize the player’s gaming experience and the stability of the game economy

Game Loop

The core game loop works in 3 steps: Customize, Combat, and Claim.

1 Customize

Customize equipment by interacting with the Black Market, the open marketplace of Chain Crisis. Buy, sell, and trade equipment to prepare for Missions and Gigs. Configure a Cyberdance to program the behavior of your characters in combat. Craft different types of equipment with the use of CREDS and materials.

2 Combat

Combat allows players to venture together as a party to defeat waves of enemies and bosses by entering Missions and challenging Gigs. Defeat bosses, hack computers, and access secret doors. In Chain Crisis, players can form long-term partnerships with other players thru Syndicates.

3 Claim

Claim your items after successfully completing missions and gigs. Sell your items for CREDS to other players who may need them. Use CREDS to stake, vote and earn. Or perhaps become a WRPG DAO member to help drive the economy of the game.


1 Seed

These are the things we need to do in order to start development:

Gameplay mechanics
Initial concept art
Solana Hackathon Submission
Social media presence
NFT website development
NFT male specimen production
NFT sale
Talent recruitment
Tokenomics Design
Litepaper release
Community growth

2 Alpha

Once funding is secured, we will then focus on developing the game in 3D. Community growth will continue at this stage.

Character creation system
Game lobby and chat
Marketplace system
Inventory system
Crafting system
Mission system
Gigs system
Warpgate Treasury

3 Beta

After we have a stable alpha build, we will then focus on the closed beta.

Initial user testing
QA and bugfixes
Press releases

4 Release

Once we have a stable beta build, it's time to do a mainnet launch. We will do extensive marketing and social media presence to expand our reach to a wider audience.

Press release


Together with our partners, we envision creating the #1 Cyberpunk MMORPG on the Solana blockchain.

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