What is Chain Crisis?

Chain Crisis is a Cyberpunk on-chain MMORPG on the Solana blockchain. Set in the year 2088, players in the game band together to defeat difficult enemies.

With 3 different Life Origins to choose from, players are able to live out lives based on the life origin they choose. Choosing a Life Origin will determine the starting district of the player’s chosen life origin. In Warpgate City, each character has its own origin story.

Players can join syndicates, dress up in style, and accomplish challenges. Chain Crisis is an immersive online and on-chain world that brings people together by encouraging leadership, teamwork, and camaraderie.

Decentralized Ownership

Chain Crisis provides each player with the ability to own their in-game assets a feature that traditional MMORPGs did not have. Customize your characters and immerse in social interaction as you are rewarded for your time and commitment to the game through cryptocurrencies.

Cyberpunk Genre

High-tech. Low-life. On-chain.

Cyberpunk is a sci-fi subgenre that depicts a dystopian futuristic setting featuring artificial intelligence, cybernetics, and the decay of society as we know it.

Based on the current advancement of civilization and the exponential nature of technology, we believe that Cyberpunk is not so distant to the reality that we live in today.

Chain Crisis is the definition of high-tech and low-life. A dark dystopian future run by corrupt megacorporations. Chain Crisis is a game that's pleasing not just for the gameplay but also for the senses.

The cyberpunk subgenre is a popular subgenre covering a wide audience of players from different walks of life. Chain Crisis positions itself amidst the spectrum of fantasy, medieval, and futuristic games in the blockchain industry.

Massively Multiplayer Online Game

Massively Multiplayer Online Games or better known as MMORPGs are role-playing games that allow players to simultaneously interact and play with each other.

With the dawn of blockchain technology, Chain Crisis innovates how MMORPGs are played and built. This time around, we are able to provide a legitimate means of transacting and bridging these in-game assets from player to player with the consideration of both the game developers and its players. This provides a fair avenue to conduct such transactions and ensures a vibrant ecosystem.

Gone are the days where players sink time and resources into a game without the ability to buy, sell, and trade in-game assets or at least retrieve a portion of their monetary investment back.


people behind chain crisis
Founder, Developer and Director

About the Founder

James Florentino ideated, invested in, coded, designed, and built the initial version of Chain Crisis. He has been a full-stack dev and designer for 20 years and has been in the crypto scene since 2011.

Aside from his skills as a dev, James has the ability to identify and manage talents thanks to his previous experience running a blockchain dev shop.

At Chain Crisis, James provides hands-on production and development by collaborating with his team in Unreal Engine, Solana development, Community Management and Ops.

James is a well-rounded and experienced tech founder who’s been obsessed in the crypto industry for 11 years. He is 100% invested in Solana and intends to make Chain Crisis, together with his team, to be the most epic MMORPG ever to exist on the Solana Blockchain.


Raven G.
Lead 3D Character Artist
Eduardo M.
Environment Concept Artist
Canor B.
Lead 3D Artist
Shaun T.
Lead 3D Environment Artist
Adrian A.
3D Environment Artist
Eyong B.
3D Character Artist
Joe P.
2D Character Artist
John Ric D.
Lorenzo C.
Character Concept Artist
Victor S.
Game Writer


Erica V
Head of Strategy and Operations
Atty. Louie T.
Head of Legal and Finance
Eloiza C.
Operations Coordinator

Looking For Talents to Join Us

Chain Crisis is looking for talents to join our team either as a full-time member or freelance. If interested, please send your CV to jobs@chaincrisis.com